About the Book
How did Ganga come down to the earth?
Why is Hanuman’s idol orange?
Who tried threading an elephant through the eye of a needle?
How did Krishna steal a pot of sweet rice for his devotees?
Epic Tales of Wisdom takes children on an exciting, enlightening, vivid and imaginative adventure through the epics. The stories bring to life a world inhabited by gods and goddesses, sages and saints, demons and monsters and others. This precious treasury of stories helps them evoke interest in the scriptures and sets the foundation of love for God’s creation.
Retold by godman Nityanand Charan Das in a child-friendly manner the stories allow kids to explore, perceive, comprehend and inspire their curious minds. The subtle lessons in the book capture timeless wisdom from Indian mythology and offer valuable insights on how to get through the rough and tumble of life. Nirzara Verulkar’s illustrations add zing to this book of educative, entertaining and enlightening tales that aspires to make kids spiritually richer and morally and socially stronger.

About the Author
Nityanand Charan Das, now an author of national bestsellers Icons of Grace, Ask the Monk and Bound by Love is a practicing monk at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple ISKCON Chowpatty Mumbai for the last 16 years who wishes to help the current urban scenario by aiding people in leading a life of purpose, fulfilment and satisfaction. He also specialises in guiding today’s youth including children and teenagers to reconnect with their roots and lead a simple yet happy life.
Coming from an army background, his childhood desire was to become an army officer. But Krishna had other plans for him and orchestrated his life beautifully. Life led him to fail the NDA interview despite being one of the best in the group, to being an engineer instead, and eventually, becoming a monk when he was just 24.
His divine radiance can be felt far and wide: his lectures are heard in every major city of India and in more than 50 countries across the globe.